Message from Fr. Dennis

Dear Visitor and Inquirer,

Thank you for visiting our parish website. Please look at the Weekly Bulletins section of this site for information regarding times of services, parish news and events. There you will find Weekly Bulletins as well as our bimonthly Newsletter with the latest info.

Those who are inquiring about the Orthodox Church may contact me at 719-634-5678.

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In the Lord,
Fr. Dennis Schutte
Parish Priest

When Visiting an Orthodox Church

Welcome to Our Guests

The clergy and faithful of Archangel Michael Greek Orthodox Church offer you warm greetings to all our guests. We are happy and blessed you have come to worship with us and we hope that you will make this your spiritual home in the future. You are invited to receive the blessed bread (antidoron - instead of the gifts) which will be distributed at the end of today's services. Please join us downstairs for refreshments and fellowship so we can visit with you.

Holy Communion in the Orthodox Church

Holy Communion of the Orthodox Church is the Holy Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is 'With the fear of God, faith and love that we approach the Divine Mysteries. Therefore, Holy Communion is reserved only for those baptized and chrismated Orthodox Christians who have prepared themselves by prayer and fasting, as prescribed by the teachings of the Holy Orthodox Church. We ask that woman, before approaching to receive from the Holy Cup, in respect of our Lord, to please remove lipstick.